The Largest Vineyard on Earth

Press Release: The Largest Vineyard on Earth®

Madrid, 6th May 2020 

Continuation to PR on 6th, 16th, 26th March, 6th, 16th, 22nd and 26th April  2020.

TOURISM is one of the sectors more severely hit by the corona virus crisis. 

This time and the following months will be really hard and yet, they are offering plenty of opportunities. There is the need of innovative solutions to turnaround sub-sectors such as enoTourism. 

To give an example, during 53 days of lockdown, AEE INNOVATE launches its fourth campaign (the third promotional campaign to the Spanish enoTourism sector).

A new Brand is born
I LOVE enoTourism SPAIN

Spain, the largest country on Earth to enjoy enoTourism

According to OIV (International Organization of Vine and Wine), around 7.6 million Ha are devoted to vineyards in our Planet.

According to the ‘2019 Survey on ESYRCE’ (Crop Surface Area and Yields) of the Spanish Ministry for Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, with data analyzed by the Spanish Observatory of Wine Market (OeMv), the vineyard surface of grapes for processing in Spain stands for 952,829 Ha (12.5% of the world's surface), which shows its leadership -even ahead of China (875,000 Ha)- following France and Italy with 400,000 Ha each.

Regarding Autonomous Communities, Castilla-La Mancha has the largest surface with 468,027 Ha, which equals 49.1% of the total. 

Despite the fact that we devote more land to vine growing, China and Italy are more productive as for tones harvested; Italy and France as for hectoliters processed; USA and France as for consumption and France and Italy as for turnover; however, Spain goes first in sales and exports, ahead of Italy and France.  


The Spanish EnoTourism Association, knowing the potential inside the message as for communication, promotion and commercialization strategies are concerned, has registered the trade mark THE LARGEST VINEYARD ON EARTH® and the corresponding slogan I LOVE enoTourism SPAIN. The aim is to foster the international branding of the sector as Brand Spain in the global market. There is an open term from 6-30 May to select the PR Agency in charge of creating the design of the Campaign (more info on 

AEE will presently share on social media the first multimedia format developed by ‘DronSpain’, with the collaboration of wine establishments and destinations. 

The three existing campaigns that AEE INNOVATE has launched during lockdown -two for the on line promotion of the sector and one for corporate solidarity- are the folowing: 

1st Campaign: Duration: from April 3rd until we are allowed to travel again.
'Welcome to Spanish EnoTourism VIRTUAL ENOTOURS'.
Goals: to stimulate both the wish to come back to face-to-face experiences and the on line purchase of bottles of wine and merchandising. 

2nd Campaign: Duration: from April 27th to November 29th:
#YoSoyEnoturismodeEspana: The GAME
Goal: It consists of twinning the Autonomous Communities in the Spanish EnoTourism territory on social media. 

3rd Campaign: Duration: 2020.
Cancellation of Members’ fees
Goal: solidarity with the sector 

What makes a business sector strong is the ability of its entrepreneurs to get used to new scenarios. In AEE we are proud of many companies that are doing big things to get used to the change and we support them by connecting them to consumers. 

If we really go for a New Era with a specific weight within the whole Spanish and international enoTourism business, it will be necessary to feed the unity commitment. Let us not see each other as coMpetitors and let us look each other as coOpetitors (competing from cooperation). We should not spare any effort that enable us to be ready for a NEW SPANISH ENOTOURISM. 

AEE published a 26th March 2020 Report in tune with the actions prevailing these days, which is still in force one month and a half later: ‘Time for Changing Paradigms within Spanish enoTourism’. AEE is trying to meet Spanish enoTourism with new potential travelers in a virtual way, so that our destinations may be on the top of their wishing list as soon as there is enough health safety to travel. 

At that very moment it will be vital that Turespaña launches a specific international promotional action fostering the image of Spain as a tourist/enotourist destination, with all health guarantees.

José Antonio Vidal
Founding | President CEO
                                                                           Spanish EnoTourism Association                                                                          Spanish EnoTourism Institute

SPANISH ENOTOURISM ASSOCIATION (AEE) A body made up of establishments related to the Wine Culture. It was created to provide the sector with a solid structure to enable it to reach a leading position in the global market through the proposal and development of programs for their global strategy (Tourism Intelligence), professionalization (Knowledge Management) and their promotion (Market Strategy). 


v  2018 National EnoTourism Áliter Award
v  International Excelencias Award to 2016 Touristic Project
v  Members of United Nations OMT-UNWTO
v  Members of the Ambassadors Committee for Circular Economy  
(Barack Obama’s Committee for Climate Change)
v  Members of the Chamber of Spain’s Tourism Committee
v  Representatives of Russian Gastronomy in Spain (ICWAG)
v  Members of the Spanish Gastronomic Bureau
v  Ambassadors for the Diccionario de la Gastronomía
v  Members of the teaching staff at Master VitEno (Polytechnic University of Madrid) and Instituto de Empresa Business School (Madrid)
v  Members of the Jury MVD enoTourism Awards
v  Jury VIRTUS EnoTourism Awards
v  Jury FIBEGA EnoTourism Award
v  Jury ENO-T Eno&Tourism Awards 

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Tourism is a key engine for our economy. Now more than ever before, Spanish enoTourism industry should be supported to give it a chance to recover when restrictions to travel are lifted.


Since it was created four years ago, the Spanish EnoTourism Association (AEE) does not stop supporting the Spanish enoTourism sector. It always works in a proactive manner (AEE INNOVATE) designing models of Governance and Strategy, to make up proposals and steps in Communication, Training, Promotion and Commercialization that we offer the sector as suggestions for their potential implementation.


We deeply appreciate the confidence the Spanish private enoTourism sector places in the work that AEE -their free, independent association- is doing, also within the frame of the current situation.