Press Release: I am Spanish EnoTourism 

Madrid, April 16th 2020

Continuation to PR on 6th, 16th, 26th March and 6th April 2020

United by The Largest Vineyard on Earth

One-month lockdown has been enough to be aware that in the past (just one month ago...) it was not contemplated neither what the past was at that time nor what the present was. Obviously, it was not the future of our enoTourism either, as the petty results showed.

We lived in a basically analogical era -still learning the digital transformation- and where fundamental human values were ignored for too long for the sake of production and consumerism against nature... 

Only those who worked with a transcendent approach have now a privileged position to face the New Era with the know-how and the experience gained; those who early analyzed the atemporal scenarios where values such as corporate social responsibility, sustainability-circular economy and digital communication prevailed. 

The Spanish EnoTourism Association (AEE) -the only body comprising private companies which make up the business value chain of the Spanish enoTourism sector- suggests this sector, the public administrations and the media to send POSITIVE MESSAGES in order to counteract the impact in the Spanish enoTourism sector as much as possible, having in mind the worrying situation due to the loss of employment  and the economic consequences. 

Times of crisis offer a unique opportunity to change. Let us collaborate to drive this change towards new paradigms.

In order to successfully face the entry into the New Era, it will be necessary that everyone involved -establishments, stakeholders and sector associations- work already in the new communication and marketing strategy (Tourism Intelligence), where creativity will be more necessary than ever: innovation, innovation and again, innovation until we reinvent ourselves from the vine shoots,  from the roots... (.sic AEE 3rd Communiqué Report: EnoTourism in COVID-19 March 26th). 

In these times, enotourists are anxious to know what are we working in to surprise them -the tool is in the digital environment..


In AEE we always work drawing up proposals and steps that we suggest to the sector for them to implement (to be proactive) 

In front of a complex situation like this, if we really wish to come into the New Era with fresh impetus and become someone in the Spanish and international enoTourism arena, it will be necessary to join hands, feed the unity commitment. We had enough of looking each other as competitors. Let’s look at each other’s eyes to become coOpetirors (competing for a cooperative perspective). We should all contribute with the means which enable us to be prepared for a NEW SPANISH ENOTOURISM (AEE 3rd Communiqué-Report: EnoTourism on COVID-19 March 26th).

Coopetition will teach us how to ADAPT to the NEW DIGITAL ERA

To fulfil this challenge, there is nothing better than to practice what one preaches.

In terms with the strategic actions prevailing these days -released in our Report on March 26th- AEE launched the Campaign ‘Welcome to the VIRTUAL ENOTOURS by  the SPANISH ENOTOURISM’ on its corporate social media (4th Communiqué April 6th) which will be in force while there is a ban for traveling. The goal of this campaign is to generate e-commerce and it goes without saying, that now, more than ever, online communication gains capital importance. 

From Monday April 27th, AEE will implement the Campaign ‘I AM SPANISH ENOTOURISM’  (#YoSoyEnoturismodeEspana). 

Since it was created in 2016, AEE has been a pioneer in innovation within the sector. That is why this unprecedented promotional action consists of the JOINING among the different enoTourism agents located in different Autonomous Communities, following each other on social media, therefore showing mutual support, advice and guidelines by means of re-tweets, likes, etc. 

The Campaign will last for seven months -from April 27th up to November 29th 2020. It will be open for the whole Spanish enoTourism value chain: wineries, DOs, eno-hotels, museums, restaurants, associations, monuments, touristic mediators, stakeholders and the remaining leisure offer related to the culture of wine, also including urban enoTourism. 

This national promotional approach will no doubt consolidate the sector to jump into the international markets as a Brand-Country at the proper time -this time more and better qualified. 

Protocol for action: AEE will be announcing in a good time and in a appropriate manner the corresponding matches among the Autonomous Communities in such a way that by November 29th, all of them will be implemented.  

We would like to express once again our support to each and all of the companies. We thank for the confidence the Spanish private enoTourism sector places in AEE –their free, independent association- and the work we are doing to manage the current situation too. We offer all our resources to the companies and their personnel.
STRENGTH AND HONOR for Spanish enoTourism.

José Antonio Vidal
Founding | President CEO
                                                                           Spanish EnoTourism Association                                                                          Spanish EnoTourism Institute

SPANISH ENOTOURISM ASSOCIATION (AEE) A body made up of establishments related to the Wine Culture. It was created to provide the sector with a solid structure to enable it to reach a leading position in the global market through the proposal and development of programs for their global strategy (Tourism Intelligence), professionalization (Knowledge Management) and their promotion (Market Strategy). 

  2018 National EnoTourism Áliter Award
  International Excelencias Award to 2016 Touristic Project
  Members of United Nations OMT-UNWTO
  Members of the Ambassadors Committee for Circular Economy  
      (Barack Obama’s Committee for Climate Change)
  Members of the Chamber of Spain’s Tourism Committee
  Representatives of Russian Gastronomy in Spain (ICWAG)
  Members of the Spanish Gastronomic Bureau
  Ambassadors for the Diccionario de la Gastronomía
  Members of the teaching staff at Master VitEno (Polytechnic University of Madrid)          and Instituto de Empresa Business School (Madrid)
  Members of the Jury MVD enoTourism Awards 
  Jury VIRTUS EnoTourism Awards 
  Jury FIBEGA EnoTourism Award
  Jury ENO-T Eno&Tourism Awards 

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