Virtual enoTourism

Press Release: Virtual Spanish enoTourism

Madrid, April 6th 2020

Continuation of PR on 6th, 16th and 26th March

Do you communicate…? or YOU DO COMMUNICATE!!!
The charm of the virtual experiences

These are unprecedented times, specially complex for the tourism sector, since the population cannot travel. Then, innovative solutions are required to help critical industries such as enoTourism to keep afloat.

Under the circumstances, wine tourists are anxious to know what we are working in to surprise them pleasantly.
What makes a business sector strong is the ability to adapt their business models to keep them afloat and keep their employees.
AEE is proud of companies that are implementing big steps to adapt themselves to the changes. We support them by helping them to connect to consumers.
Even though we cannot promote trips right now, AEE is taking Spanish enoTourism potential travelers so that our destinations, their regions and businesses are on the top of the list when travelling becomes a safe activity again –we remind Spaniards the importance to purchase local products.

At AEE we always work in drawing up proposals and steps in Communication, Promotion, Commercialization and Training as suggestions to the sector for their implementation.

Welcome to
hand in hand with AEE

In tune with the strategic actions that prevail during the lockdown -released in our Report on 26th March ‘Time for changing paradigms in the Spanish enoTourism’- when the only chance to socialize is by virtual means, where online communication gains capital importance, AEE has started the promotional campaign on corporate social media under the heading WELCOME TO VIRTUAL ENOTOURS OF SPANISH ENOTOURISM.

Travelers in their homes will share the excitement in ideal environments to have lunch, have a drink or stay in a hotel through virtual visits while they explore the picturesque seas of vineyards, nature, history, culture and leisure in a relaxed way.

There is a two-fold goal. On the one hand, to stimulate the wish of wine tourists and people interested about the charm to feel the live experience in the establishments and destinations, once we can travel again. On the other hand, to get them closer to the online purchase of bottles of wine and merchandising through the links to the e-commerce. The same goes for virtual food and wine tastings, also commented in the mentioned report.

This campaign is an effective way to keep enoTourism companies in the first position.

Emails, social networks and telephones must be burning