Press Release 1st Status Report

STATUS REPORT: Time for Changing Paradigms

Madrid, March 26th 2020 

from COVID-19 to the New Era    


I needed to make you feel uncomfortable to prompt your reactions Sincerely, The Universe

IT IS SOME TIME, a long time ago, back to mid February 2020, that we were a sector who

-       showed a timid growth (in absolute terms and with little rigor)
-       started (almost symbolically) getting to know itself by means of training
-       started to encourage those of the value chain
-       started to awake excitement in their few customers
-        began to commit to SDG 2030, a sector that facilitated jobs (there should be more)…

When, at this stage and with prior notice, Covid-19 swept us away.

It could not be any other way. Our sector also adjourned (other than ‘stopped’) its activity.

In fact, enoTourism is a business sector not entirely committed to their professionalization but extremely self-sacrificing facing the insufficient efficacy of the so-called official  proposal.  

For two decades (20000-2020), the different public administrations’ strategies led to a reality which remains the same -absence of positioning in the markets. In other words, Spanish enoTourism was not/is not sufficiently known (not even the term) even for Spaniards, let alone foreign people. Nonetheless, a political-tainted communication by means of propaganda and blowing their own trumpet, was in charge of hiding the real situation with no worry from the media nor any external auditing. In this case, as in almost any issue where politics are involved, there is no one responsible; ‘nothing happens ‘as we say in colloquial terms.             

That was the time for immediate changes and so the Spanish EnoTourism Association (AEE) was created.

AEE urged public administrations (political entities by definition) and their partners, to start once and for all with

-       professionalization through training
-       promotion (national and international)
-       facilitating the most useful tool for businessmen: statistics (rigorous, reliable and audited)
-       the creation of a Big Data appropriate to the current time

Our meetings with ministers, secretaries of state, general directors for tourism, agriculture and education of the governments of that period, as well as with the most representative regional ministers of the respective regional governments, certify.

During four years AEE has been the engine regarding

training, through its Spanish EnoTourism Institute
promotion, participating at Fitur, Fenavin trade fairs; leading the major international know-how forum on tourism and enoTourism issues; fostering the online and offline communication within the sector, and
-       commercialization, as it announced the most comprehensive market place proposal ever launched at the Tourspain stand in the last Fitur edition (January 2020).

In four years, the sector started to take off, both in quantity and in quality terms, although not so much as the grandiloquence of the institutional propaganda blowed.


If the real situation asked for temporal changes at that time, the currentl scenario requires structural changes.

AEE is already present in these changes. In our previous communiqués (March 6th and 16th), we suggested the Public Tourism Administrations –in particular the Spanish Government and the Ministry for Tourism-  positive messages like brand-Spain, sanitary measures like a strict control of tourists arrivals and urgent, proactive economic-fiscal measures facing the impact of the ignored corona virus pandemic already at that time.

The tourism sector has been affected more abruptly and severely than others.

From the business point of view -always looking at the bright side- this situation starts giving us back some interesting reflections:

-       businessmen will be once and for all aware that enoTourism is TOURISM
-       the New Era will not allow unqualified people into the wine-producing profession who wrongly call themselves enoTourism businessmen
-       we will not lose competitiveness in the global market because we never enjoyed it…it… 

In order to successfully face the entry into the New Era, it is necessary that everyone involved -establishments, stakeholders and the sector associations- is already working in the new communication and marketing strategy (Tourism Intelligence) in which creativity will be, more than ever, essential: innovation, innovation and again innovation until we reinvent ourselves from the roots, from the vine shoots.


Businessmen must know how to turn the  situation upside down and take advantage of the circumstances to achieve tourism professionals keep on providing value to their companies instead of getting rid of them.

We are in the middle of a complex situation in which we must join efforts, not to look at each other as competitors. We must become collaborators (coopetitors) and furnish the means that allow us to be prepared for a NEW SPANISH ENOTOURISM.

We take for granted that the successful, long-acquired know-how of wine-producers and oenologists will be the same, that being the pillar for enoTourism to be possible –let’s remember we are Tourism. Hence, in AEE, we always work drawing up proposals and steps that we suggest to the sector for them to implement.

At this point we all are wondering, what is Secretary of State for Tourism doing today? What is the Association it has been supporting for twenty years doing? Where are they in these critical time? We haven’t heard of them. Do they only speak to tell us to stay home? General measures are OK but, meantime, what can we specifically do?


*AS FOR COMMUNICATION/PROMOTION:                                                              

unless we communicate, nobody will know about us, Under the circumstances, wine tourists are anxious to know what are we working in to surprise them pleasantly.

The tool can be found in the digital environment. There is an online task in stimulating the charm to return to live experiences: website contents, apps, e-commerce, email and social media, friendly-user campaigns.

To achieve this goal, websites must be adapted to the utmost to the best possible quality regarding communication and usability, that is, all our windows can turn into viewpoints to the sky. Do not stop communicating. AEE is also upgrading its website and social media and it can provide with qualified professional developers.

Likewise, AEE in partnership with enoTourism Int’l Group¹ is making an Action plan in the promotion field to be implemented as soon as the first signs of recovery appear.

¹ enoTourism Int’l Group consists of authorities and institutions of ten countries. AEE is the founder since the 3rd United Nations WTO Global Forum on Wine Tourism.



Virtual visits and food and wine tastings.


It is about organizing virtual visits (at no cost for the client) as an appealing action for tastings and online interactive harmonies, happy hours, dissemination of Wellness Kits (food and wine/beauty through wine therapy-related) on payment platforms.

For wineries with no technological tools to implement this action, AEE makes available for its Members -over 260 establishments- an advisory service on the matter.

-       Make use of the online format, so widespread in the market
-       AEE will offer free actions to its Members


AEE also asked  the Spanish Government to pay special attention to companies at the time of the recovery steps, since the economic activity and employment depend on them. Small and middle sized companies -and the free-lancers of our ancillary services- must receive special care. They all represent the largest collective and the most vulnerable.

We would like to express once again our support to each and all of the companies. We appreciate the confidence the Spanish private enoTourism sector places on AEE -their free, independent association-, and the work we are doing to manage the current situation too.

We conclude this Communiqué with the same message of hope we expressed in the previous ones. The media echoed it already: every crisis is a chance to change. Let us all collaborate in order to drive this change towards growth. 

STRENGTH AND HONOR for Spanish enoTourism.

                                                                                               José Antonio Vidal
Founding | President CEO
                                                                           Spanish EnoTourism Association                                                                          Spanish EnoTourism Institute

SPANISH ENOTOURISM ASSOCIATION (AEE) A body made up of establishments related to the Wine Culture. It was created to provide the sector with a solid structure to enable it to reach a leading position in the global market through the proposal and development of programs for their global strategy (Tourism Intelligence), professionalization (Knowledge Management) and their promotion (Market Strategy).



2018 National EnoTourism Áliter Award
International Excelencias Award to 2016 Touristic Project
Members of United Nations OMT-UNWTO
Members of the Ambassadors Committee for Circular Economy  
(Barack Obama’s Committee for Climate Change)
Members of the Chamber of Spain’s Tourism Committee
Representatives of Russian Gastronomy in Spain (ICWAG)
Members of the Spanish Gastronomic Bureau
Ambassadors for the Diccionario de la Gastronomía
Members of the teaching staff at Master VitEno (Polytechnic University of Madrid) and Instituto de Empresa Business School (Madrid)
Members of the Jury MVD enoTourism Awards
Jury VIRTUS EnoTourism Awards
Jury FIBEGA EnoTourism Award
Jury ENO-T Eno&Tourism Awards 

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