AEE Founding Principles

The Spanish EnoTourism Association (AEE) is integrated by establishments related to wine and its culture, for the support and defense of the interests of the entire Spanish enoTourism sector, through the proposal and development in business, cultural and social nature services.

Mission, Vision and Values: to contribute to the progressive union of the Spanish enoTourism sector by encouraging its coopetition  through strategic actions of integration under the 'enoTourism of Spain'® brand -as a global network of establishments and their destinations-, that are implemented through leading programs in promotion, research, innovation and sustainability.  

Objective: to provide the sector with a solid structure for its worthy positioning in the markets.

UNWTO: to fulfil this purpose it follows and adopts, where appropriate, the guidelines, voluntary standards and work programs of the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), especially with regard to the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism.